Equipment Appraisals

Maynards Specializes in all types of Equipment Appraisals

Maynards conducts professional equipment appraisals and auctions on industrial equipment assets such as factory and freight vehicles by a certified appraiser and auctioneer. Appraisals and auctions services are provided for banks, lenders, and business owners. Industries include construction companies, automotive factories, tool and die company's, foundries, and aerospace companies. Maynards certified and highly qualified inspectors personally conduct appraisals.

Maynards uses valuations such as Fair Market Value and Forced Liquidation when they appraise industrial equipment. Maynards' certified appraisers have extensive experience and expertise valuing assets in various industries. These genres include automotive, forestry, metalworks, plastic and injection moulding, video and audio production, and woodworking industries.

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Hundreds of Appraisal Reports Completed Annualy for the Following:

Bank Executives Working in Special Credit Administraiton
Professional Accountants Working in the Insolvency Field
Public and Private Companies
Manufacturing and Retail Firms
Lawyers Managing Insolvency Files and Estate Assets
Assets-in-Place Appraisals for Investment Planning
Commercial Finance